Development of 3D models and 2D art to order

The sphere of 3D modeling and creation of art in 2D is actively developing and improving. Today it is in demand and provides great opportunities in terms of creating mobile and computer games, architectural projects, interior designs, films, clips, animation, as well as branded characters and effective means for advertising.

The main directions of 2D and 3D art:

  • Characters
  • Environment and props
  • Transport
  • Interior Design
  • Building
  • Complex tech. objects
  • Weapon
  • Concept art
  • Interface design

For the creation of three-dimensional models, we use a well-established pipeline: from High-poly sculpts to GameReady models already in the game / project, in different styles: from casual to realistic models. The development of 2D custom art also goes through several iterations, starting with a sketch and ending with a render.

We work with the following programs:
ZBrush, Autodesk 3Ds Max/Maya, Blender, Adobe Substance Painter/3D Designer/Photoshop.
We have expertise in custom modeling for various game engines: Unreal Engine 4-5, Unity 3D.

Our advantages

Why is it profitable to order game development from us?


Pay for results

Development is divided into several stages and you make an advance payment only for the first stage. The remaining amount is paid upon receipt of work.


Estimate of works

We will carry out a free estimate and make an estimate in the table. You will know exactly how much and for what you pay: a list of all works, number of hours and cost


Free concept

Let’s write a basic document with a description of the idea and examples. Just leave a request on the site


Video developed by Midhard Games

Stages of working with us


Acquaintance. Forming a vision for the project – the better we understand the idea of the project and the task, the better we will do our job. Possible meetings in Moscow and online conferences

TK and design

Terms of Reference (TOR) is the basis of a future game or program. TK is the DNA of the project. Yes, it’s a lot of letters, numbers, graphs and pictures. Yes, it is difficult, boring and uninteresting. Therefore, we ourselves will make a technical specification for your game or program.

Modeling, rendering

The creation of a model or 2D art takes place in several iterations from the draft to the final product


When the asset is ready, we receive feedback from the client and make changes to the result that meets the requirements of the client

Leave a request right now

and get a free consultation, an estimate for the development and concept doc of your project



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