bomber world

**Bomber World** is a competitive PVP real-time action-puzzle set in a hyper-realistic setting.
The best fighters of the most formidable special forces of the Earth are doing their duty to clean up the area from enemy saboteurs. They are so armored that they are practically invulnerable to conventional weapons. Only the most powerful explosions can penetrate the armor of the special forces, so bombs are the key to survival and victory.

However, although personal weapons and special clubs are not capable of destroying the enemy, they can temporarily stop and disorient him, and this small hitch will be enough for the bomb explosion to finish the job.

The saboteur is his own supplier, and therefore goes into battle lightly and can always get the necessary items - anti-explosion shields, cartridges, additional explosives - right on the battlefield.

Loot, shoot, blast and... repeat!

The loser in this battle is waiting for a compact container, where they will carefully put everything that remains of him after an unsuccessful meeting with a more skilled opponent.

Well, the survivor is waiting for honor, respect, wealth, promotion and sending to the next mission, where he can prove himself even better, show his prowess and tactical ingenuity.

Remember, your task is to defeat all opponents and survive!

Good luck Fighter!


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