Development custom browser game

Most often, browser games are developed for marketing campaigns of brands and GameFi projects. We have enough experience to implement such projects and below we have compiled a portfolio of several games. which we invite you to familiarize yourself with.

Who do we develop games for?

  • Private investors who plan to diversify their portfolio into gamedev;
  • Investors in GameFi. We create p2e games with NFT;
  • Marketing agencies and in-house marketers. We develop and launch promotional games for brands;
  • Other development companies that need to outsource tasks;
  • Business in education. We help gamify the learning process;
  • Media. Commercial projects based on popular shows;
  • Enthusiasts who dream of developing their own game.

Two possible scenarios for starting game development:

Scenario 1
You already have an idea and maybe even a Game Design Document. Our team conducts an audit, highlights weaknesses if necessary, and proposes a solution. After the formed vision of the product and synchronization of both parties (Client, Contractor), we calculate the cost and development time. Next, we move on to the development of a custom browser game.

Scenario 2
You do not have an idea or it is abstractly formulated by general desires. In this case, we will analyze the market and develop several concepts that are close to your vision of the game. Based on one of the concepts, we will write a Game Design Document and then work on Scenario 1.

Our advantages

Why is it profitable to order game development from us?


Pay for results

Development is divided into several stages and you make an advance payment only for the first stage. The remaining amount is paid upon receipt of work.


Estimate of works

We will carry out a free estimate and make an estimate in the table. You will know exactly how much and for what you pay: a list of all works, number of hours and cost


Free concept

Let’s write a basic document with a description of the idea and examples. Just leave a request on the site


Games developed by Midhard Games

Stages of working with us


Acquaintance. Forming a vision for the project – the better we understand the idea of the project and the task, the better we will do our job. Possible meetings in Moscow and online conferences

TK and design

Terms of Reference (TOR) is the basis of a future game or program. TK is the DNA of the project. Yes, it’s a lot of letters, numbers, graphs and pictures. Yes, it is difficult, boring and uninteresting. Therefore, we ourselves will make a technical specification for your game or program.


Game or software development is not just programming. This is the creation of a complex system in which there are a lot of gears and each affects a dozen others. We can write another hundred pages about development, but we will not waste your time. We love and know how to develop 

Polishing and release

When the project is ready and you can “touch” it, there are still a lot of little things that you want to implement to make the project more beautiful and enjoyable – this is polishing. The release is a publication, now players and customers can download the game or application and enjoy

Project support

After the release, everything is just beginning – you understand whether the goal of the project has been achieved: how much money the game brings in, how often users make in-app purchases, etc. At this stage, the project may need tech. support, updates, etc.

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