cat angel

You are a Cat Angel, and your mission is to keep cats well-fed and bestow them fun and coziness. Kittehs are such greedy eaters that you’ll need plenty of food and snacks!
Set out on adventure around the world and feed cats in all towns, discover an amazing story, and make the world a better place!

The name of the game is to put three or more food pieces in one line and feed the cats. Herein, some Superhero Kittehs and the Cat Angel super-powers will help you.

FEATURES Addictive and simple gameplay: connect yummies of similar type and feed the lovely cats! Participate in a fluffy story taking place in various towns around the world! Obtain unique achievements! Compete with your friends! Become the Top Rank Cat Angel! Good luck, Cat Angel! Now we are fellows. Feed them all! MEOW!


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