Elevator Simulator

Elevator Simulator - take them all - Left EM ALL
- Your task is to carry passengers to different
floors, solve problems with hooligans.
Help firefighters and electricians.
After all, an elevator operator is the most fun
job in the world. It is important to have time
and there is no way without magic! That guy on the 14th floor wants to go to the
1st, and the girl from the 2nd floor asks to
take her to the 7th. And there are bandits
on the 7th floor, so you can go to the 1st
floor for a policeman.

There are situations when there are a lot of passengers and everyone needs somewhere. Then use magic and technology - teleport between floors. With each level you play in a new house. More floors, more passengers and more unforeseen situations - can you handle it?

For every good deed, residents and guests of the house will reward you with coins. This money can be spent on the purchase of items necessary for every good elevator operator. For example, you can buy handcuffs, tools and fire extinguishers.

And with the accumulation of decent amounts, elevator improvements become available to you. You can modify it and increase the cabin or put an accelerator. And you can also put a time distortion device and at each level you will have much more time.

And if you are tired of the usual cabin, then change it to an oriental-style cabin or a cabin with a soft and comfortable chair. The cabin can be chosen for any look (or taste) - even with a dark portal! Good luck and have fun properly!


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