Development NFT collections to order

We create customized turnkey NFT collections based on 2D and 3D art.
The collection may include unique or serial characters, in-game items, weapons, armor, chests, etc. NFT collections are mainly used in GameFi projects with a Play-to-Earn business model.

What is included in the development:

  • Drawing / Modeling Art
  • Creation of Smart Contracts
  • Minting tokens
  • Creating a visual style
  • Meta data

Our advantages

Why is it profitable to order game development from us?


Pay for results

Development is divided into several stages and you make an advance payment only for the first stage. The remaining amount is paid upon receipt of work.


Estimate of works

We will carry out a free estimate and make an estimate in the table. You will know exactly how much and for what you pay: a list of all works, number of hours and cost


Free concept

Let’s write a basic document with a description of the idea and examples. Just leave a request on the site

Examples of NFT collections


NFT collection of 2500 characters. The collection was created for the p2e game WarQube.

Pirate Girl

NFT collection of 10,000 characters. 10,000 characters are used out of 18 million possible combinations.

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