project 14

Project 14 (working title) is platformer shoot’em up game built around a simple idea of getting as much points (represented by coins) as possible before you will inevitably be killed by the swarms of enemies. Earning points (setting hi-scores) gradually opens new content, which includes new types of weapons, new characters, new outfits and new levels.
In a way, Project 14 is a development of the ideas of titles like Super Crate Box, where a relatively simplistic shoot’em up hi-score chasing game keeps evolving, introducing new features and new ways to replay the levels.

It is a shoot’em up game where we aim using our mouse. The main idea is shooting enemies while collecting all sorts of power-ups and accumulating coins/point that unlock new content. The level design follows a different approach on every single level of the game: some of the levels are bigger, some smaller, some use elevator and others use jump pads, the number of the platforms and distance between them varies significantly. Character might gave a different amount of HP, different speed and jump height and have additional skills like wall jumps.

The game employs mostly quite colorful palette and embraced the whole atmosphere of weirdness. The platforms (where all action happens) are affected by cel shading to create a slightly cartoonish effect, while the main character and the background actually are devoid of cartoon shading. All of the enemies in the game are represented by 2D “cutout” characters in the vein of Paper Mario. Every level is supposed to look significantly different and follow a different theme: sci-fi, fantasy, vampire castle, jungle, etc. All united by the idea that our characters are actually fighting enemies that ran away from the books.

• A fast-paced “survival” shoot’em up platformer game.
• A colorful cartoonish setting with “cutout” Paper Mario-style enemies.
• A dozen of unlockable stages with different approach towards level design.
• Points/coins gradually open more and more content, which includes not only level, but also weapons and characters.
• New characters with their unique stats and skills provide new ways to replay “old” levels and set new hiscores.
• Dozens of weapons and power-ups to use.


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