Quasar Force

Quasar Force is a competitive PvP MOBA set in outer space. Your main goal is to become the best among pilots from all over the world. Upgrade your ships and skill to control them.

Choose on which of the four spaceships you will go for glory and rewards in the next battle. Do not forget to put the best weapons in order not to leave any chance to opponents. But no matter how cool your ship is, without an experienced pilot, it is just a high-tech tin can. Got the hint? With the help of a special card, hire a pilot with whom your battle tactics will be deadly for all competitors to win.

In battle, you will receive points for which you can buy power-ups for the ship and immediately apply them. You can also find special items in the arena that drop from wrecked ships or from destroyed asteroids. An excellent chance to gain an advantage at the decisive moment of the battle.

Win more often and be effective in every battle! Outdo your opponents in skill by turning their ships into space junk!

Good luck Pilot!


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